Board Game Subscription Service

by Waypoint Games CA

Hey everyone, 

As we progress through managing the outbreak of Covid-19, Waypoint is working to provide you and your friends and family a way to have fun and stay positive! We are piloting a new way to enjoy our catalogue of games at home.

You can now sign up for a board game subscription! Here are the details:

You can take up to one game at a time home with you. Anytime you want to switch games, you can send us a message to set up a drop-off/pick-up outside the door of the store or stop by and browse our selection to pick a new game. Then simply rinse repeat! It's like having nearly 500 board games at your doorstep!

The cost is $25 per month. All we ask from you is your name, email, and credit card information, which will only be used in the event that a game gets damaged (beyond regular wear and tear) or if a game is not returned. 

You can purchase it on our site here:

After a game is returned, if there are a small number of pieces, we sanitize each piece individually, the instructions, and the box and return it to the shelf. If it is a game with a lot of pieces or objects that are difficult to sanitize (think Monopoly money) we will remove the game from the shelf for a week before offering it again to ensure that it is safe for use. 

Feel free to shoot us a message or give us a call if you have any questions, concerns, or would like to sign up! We're always looking for new ways to support and serve the community that has been so supportive of us!

Stay safe,


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