Covid-19 Update #2

by Waypoint Games CA

Hey everyone, 

As we progress through this pandemic we are taking increasingly precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our community. As a result, the retail store is now closed until further notice. I am still working on several initiatives to keep you engaged, including the following:

1) Expanding and updating the online inventory so you can buy games and have them shipped to your home

2) Creating a locked pick-up/drop-off board game box outside of the door of the shop for those on our rental programs to swap games without having to come indoors. Anyone who wants to swap just needs to send an email or message on Facebook (or with the message button on the bottom of your screen) with what you're looking to swap for and your games will be ready for you every Friday by 5:00PM. 

3) The entire operation is now in my basement! All the MTG singles and board games for sale are (piling up) around my house. We are still filling orders and shipping them out. Anyone who chose in-store pick-up as a shipping option can reach out by email or Facebook to coordinate a Friday that I am in the shop to get your product.

4) Working on getting events happening through the store online (Arena, webcam tables, etc.) with prize support! 

We appreciate your continued patronage. It is imperative that we all stay indoors unless absolutely necessary, and we want to help make your extended stay in the house filled with fun. Looking forward to seeing you all when this is all over with!


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