Commander League Rules

by Waypoint Games CA

We will be using the official Wizards banlist for commander, found here.

Our commander rules follow the point system created by Anime Imports' Mike Fields and Frank Hood.

The following is a video description of the points system:

There are five colors of achievements, each that are related to different system of scoring (or losing) points and are used differently each week. We will be using four of the five colors (not blue).

Players will win prizes weekly based on how many points they earned, and will also accumulate points over a season! At the end of the season additional prizes will be awarded to those who earned the most points.

For a full list of achievements available, please click here. If you have any additional questions, send us a message on Facebook!

​White: There are only two white achievements.
​They are always in use for each week. They are the following:



Black: Two black achievements will be selected at random each week. These achievements trade points for a permanent drawback in the game. Players can opt into using these achievements before the games start. Here are some examples:



Red: Red achievements give players negative points for performing certain game actions.
​These are the red achievements that will be in use each week:



Green: Green achievements will be selected at random from the pool of green achievements each week.
These achievements benefit you for performing certain actions in a game.
Here are some examples:




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