Covid-19 Update #3 - We're (sort of) Open

by Waypoint Games CA

Hey everyone,

Been a while since I checked in. I want to give you a status update on what is happening inside the doors at Waypoint and how we are trying to further accommodate you all through this pandemic.

Given the state of affairs in Hamilton, we have decided it is safe for us to reopen for retail purposes only. What does this mean?

1) Our inventory is back in the shop and you can now head over and make on-site purchases

2) Our play area is still closed. This includes tournaments and board game rentals in-store.

3) Masks are mandatory. We will have masks available to those who cannot provide one for themselves.

4) Social distancing measures are in place. There is a maximum number of patrons at one time and proper distancing must be kept at all times.

5) We will not be serving hot drinks or food. We will have cold beverages available but for the time being we are pausing on serving coffee, tea, or snacks.


We will be open 3 days a week. Fridays from 3-7, Saturdays from 12-4, and Tuesdays from 3-7.


If you'd like to browse the store at an alternative time, feel free to shoot us a message and we can arrange an appointment.


Thank you so much everyone for your continued patronage! We really appreciate your patience through all of this.



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