Covid-19 Impact

by Waypoint Games CA


At Waypoint Games we are taking the threat of the pandemic very seriously. We are open and plan to continue running events in our store, with several considerations in mind. We have several plans in place to keep our playspaces safe for you to enjoy and some additional measures to ensure that you can continue to have fun during these times.

New Store Protocols

We have required staff members to wash hands frequently. We are also requiring that you wash your hands in one of our washrooms before you pick up a board game in our store. Additionally, we are sanitizing surfaces and board games after each use. We ask if you are feeling symptomatic that you please stay home for the safety of our other guests and our staff.

Renting Games for Home Use

For a limited time, we are offering board game rentals that can be taken out of the store and rented per day at home. Rental fees will be $10 per game. We will sanitize the games before and after pickup.

Growing Online

We are rushing to get our online store active within the next few days. If you are looking to purchase board games, MTG singles, accessories, or sealed product and you don't feel comfortable coming to the store this is a great way to still get your game on!

Updates and Feedback

We are actively monitoring the situation as it unfolds and will provide updates frequently and quickly if things change.

Have Fun!

It can feel overwhelming and scary right now, but it is important to remember that if you follow the right protocols and take the necessary precautions, we can still enjoy some great games, drinks, music, and snacks.

We genuinely appreciate your patronage and patience as we navigate through these difficult times. If we work together to keep our community spaces safe and hygenic we will fare much better!

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